Founders & Artist

The Founders & The Artist

Katherine Whelan
Managing Director & Artist

Joanna Iliou
Creative Director

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make it POP – Art (formally known as youve been warholed) was established in 2018, however, the Founders & Artist have been creating Pop Art-inspired artwork since 1999. Two sisters with an un-shakable love & passion for Pop Art, joined forces to commercialise what they believe is 21st Century Pop art – designs that speak to popular ‘mood’ & ‘feeling’ & will make any space or outfit POP! The core objective is to create art that is accessible, relatable & aligns with contemporary sentiment & products… Hang It, Wear It, Just make it POP… Art!

Both sisters have a creative background – collectively they bring to make it POP – Art qualifications & expertise in: graphic design; digital art; customer experience; brand & advertising strategy; as well as human psychology. The goal of make it POP – Art is to celebrate the genius of the Pop Art era – simplicity, the emotion of vibrant colour, popularity – while focusing on imagery that highlights popular ‘sentiment’ rather than popular ‘culture’ (mood rather than trends). The artwork produced is always Limited Edition, One of 22 by KW – allowing the owner of the art to appreciate its uniqueness and rarity.

make it POP – Art prides itself on each artwork being Limited Edition, unique, meticulously hand made & appropriately tagged with – make it POP – Art One of 22 by KW. Our logo & signature is a sign of our respect & admiration for both traditional & 21st Century Pop art techniques. It also signifies original artwork created with attention & energy. The sale of make it POP – Art wall art & streetwear also provides the Founders with the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate – through the donation of gifts & profit to charities close to their heart.

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Katherine Whelan - The Artist

Katherine’s art is influenced by her passion to express how we ‘feel’ (sentiment), rather than what we ‘do’ (culture).  Katherine believes how we react emotionally to the world around us, says more about the status & future of society, compared to how we act. Drawing on her PhD & expertise in human behaviour, Katherine interrogates popular human emotions & expresses these ideas through imagery, colour/layer combinations & titles of her artwork. Her designs are driven by market research, psychology & her personal instinct/read on ‘the mood of the people’. Katherine only produces limited edition designs, One of 22 by KW, because just like our feelings, art is sacred & should be displayed with pride.

21st Century Pop Art – In simple terms, Katherine carefully selects specific subject matter/photography, & by hand edits image features, applies colours & textures that suits the context, while deliberately breaking some traditional art rules & techniques.

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