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make it POP – Art



We create original artwork & promise to always sell our products in Limited Edition of only 22.


  • Our brand, logo, service & content is Trademark ™ & Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved (formally youve been warholed)
  • make it POP – Art  the business, create novel (yet own original) Pop Art-inspired fine art; through our art creations, we celebrate & respect the traditional Pop Art style, use of subject/photography, techniques, colourisation & undeniable impact on culture & the art world.
  • We do not sell or reproduce any original traditional Pop artist’s prints, artwork or streetwear, nor are we associated with any foundation or company owned or associated with traditional Pop artist’s trademark/artwork. make it POP – Art does not intend to replicate precisely the artwork styles of traditional Pop artists, but rather, use elements of traditional Pop – Art styles and concepts, as inspiration for our own original 21st Century POP Art creations.
  • Our product & service is our way of paying tribute to great artists & influencers; creatives that we respect & admire. Our philosophy is that great artists have great influence on creative minds; & the expression of their ideas & passions.
  • All make it POP – Art prints (personalised & our original creations) are designed by hand with the assistance of digital technology, & delivered in physical format only (non-digital, unless otherwise agreed) – wall art (prints) & streetwear (apparel).
  • All make it POP – Art fine art wall art are Giclée prints: utilising state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high resolution digital images on rag paper (310gsm photo rag 100% cotton from Europe & 12 Colour Lucia pigment ink set). Giclée prints are renowned for exceptional original image integrity, colour quality & longevity.
  • For make it POP – Art  Giclée prints, we utilise the safest & best known means of delivery – prints rolled & protected by acid-free paper, secured in an appropriately sized durable mail tube.
  • All make it POP – Art personalised POP Art (photos/images provided by customers), by default, must contain/specify one subject only (person, animal, object, etc); i.e. we do not create personalised prints of couples/groups, for products purchased through our website (including gift coupons). If photos with more than one subject are to be manipulated, the purchaser must contact the company for approval of the image & agreement on revised costs, time frames, terms & conditions.
  • All make it POP – Art prints are produced/printed ‘on demand’ (we do not hold stock; we print on purchase/final digital image approval), therefore, it is important to choose your make it POP – Art print with care. Refunds or credits are not provided post-printing in circumstances where the print is delivered in line with: product description; approved digital image; or for ‘change of mind’.
  • make it POP – Art streetwear is produced using high quality fabrics (90-100% Cotton) & a combination of digital & screen printing on fabric techniques.
  • All our original make it POP – Art creations for sale (our own artwork, created using sourced high quality photographs) are appropriately licensed when sold.
  • All make it POP – Art products available for purchase are Limited Edition of 22 only per design & style, irrespective of size (e.g. only 22 prints in total irrespective of size, only 22 T-Shirts Black total irrespective of size).

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